In Focus: Advanced B2B Features to the New Generation of Cisium

Upgraded e-commerce solution, Cisium, developed and maintained by iVote has been enhanced with advanced B2B features. Working closely with companies that sell products online to their business partners, iVote intricately studied their daily operations and processes, and built a custom configurable platform for every B2B customer which meets business processes of B2B partners. The new generation of Cisium e-commerce platform provides extra functionalities and personalization to the users.

“It is a great challenge to work on a project that should satisfy diverse needs. Not all businesses have the same procedure of work, and yet you need to build a system that will be configurable and fit all those miscellaneous needs. I am glad that the iVote team worked devotedly in the past several months to develop a product that we are proud of.” – stated Elena Temelkovska, the CEO of iVote.

The new generation of Cisuim is easy to use for both, the company that sells products / services and the ultimate customer who makes the order. Companies that have B2B e-commerce platform build close relationships with their business partners and better understand their needs. Cisium platform collects all the information every day and this information further is analyzed and graphically presented to the user. Based on those everyday analysis, a forecast is generated where companies can predict the level of demand for a period of time and be ready to align all other operations to meet the upcoming trends. In this way, companies have better insights into customer’s order history and behavior and can offer highly targeted specific promotions to each one. By classifying customers into groups, B2B companies set pricing, minimum order requirements and group-specific content (like promotions, shipping and payment options) for each segment.

Cisium enables personalized shopping experience to the customers based on their profiles, including the following: order volume, price sum, catalog selection, reorder frequency. By segmenting them into specific customer groups, they are displayed with website content, pricing, payment and delivery options suitable for them.