Epistum is an advanced e-Learning and e-Testing on-line platform. It has two components: the e-Learning Management System (LMS) and the e-Testing System.

The LMS is a web-based training solution that manages and delivers training courses. With the LMS’ robust and scalable architecture, large number of users can access the system simultaneously, any time and from any place they want, regardless of the location. All the training materials, interactive e-courses, videos, images, lessons, conference information, evaluation tests and quizzes are stored in a single, consolidated learning system. Users can also communicate with their educators and peers through online communication tools, and use web-conferencing module for online lessons.

Epistum can also be used as a questionnaire survey service. It takes traditional survey tools to a whole new level. Epistum provides the opportunity to create surveys, collect responses and analyze results. It can easily be integrated in social networks.


    • Unlimited number of courses
    • SCORM standard for interactive learning materials
    • Follow the learning path of every user in the system
    • All types of questions (multiple choice, single choice, simple text entry etc)
    • Detailed statistics for the answered tests or surveys
    • Integration of the Epistum Software with Statistical software like Excel, SPSS and Atlas.ti

Effectiveness and efficiency

This application was developed to address issues with effectiveness and efficiency of using electronic testing tools for assessment purposes. Epistum is also the best solution for the universities as it makes the process of gaining knowledge easier.

The main functionality that would especially be valuable for the universities are:

    • Details about every user records
    • Define custom strategies for exam test creation
    • Several types of questions (multiple choice, single choice, simple text entry etc)
    • Automatic evaluation of answers
    • Detailed statistics for courses, exams, students