Cisium is an e-commerce solution fully customizable for the needs of the clients. It provides possibilities for easy online presentation and Internet selling for both, B2C and B2B companies, with built-in functionalities that improve the performance of the business.

Cisium is a software solution that provides the possibility for anyone to have their own online store. The real business implementation of this proprietary software was at first put in place by iVote’s team. The team’s commitment to the project resulted in the first, the largest and the most successful online bookstore in Macedonia – Not only that the software is state-of-the art, but it also comes with the full marketing and technical support on demand.


The main functionalities of the system are:

    • Product setup;
    • Design Customization;
    • Shipping and Taxes;
    • Extensive possibilities for data mining;
    • Comprehensive reporting and integration with Google analytics;
    • Customer support;
    • Admin settings;
    • Safe and Secure way of doing business;
    • Hosting Features;
    • Customer Tools;
    • Social media integration and supporting Internet marketing communications.

B2B features

Cisium enables fully customizable features for B2B e-commerce needs. It supports the following:

    • Multi-Currency and Multilingual – The system supports multiple currency and multiple languages which is beneficial to target multiple clients from different countries/continents.
    • Segmentation with Customer Groups and Roles – B2B companies can classify customers into groups. Different users can perform different actions. Groups can be segmented based on several criteria including the following: geographical location, order volume, catalog selection, reorder frequency, quantity of products ordered, and by segmenting them into specific customer groups, their shopping experience is customized according to their profile selections.
    • Customer Specific Catalog, Pricing models, Offers and Promotions – Each customer group can see different prices and product offers based on the predefined customers’ s privileges. Businesses can set pricing, minimum order quantity and group-specific content (like promotions, bulk orders, shipping and payment options) for each segment.
    • Bulk, repeat, quick and scheduled ordering – Saving time by submitting repeat orders on a monthly/weekly basis.
      Ordering automatization – scheduled recurring operations, and the system performs all the magic.
    • Flexible Payments Options and Delivery terms – Cisium enables customizing the conditions that will make specific payments available to specific customer groups. Delivery terms can be also specific for each customer group.
    • Online Order, Order approval or Request a quote – Depending on the business model, clients can make online orders; submit an order and wait for an approval, or they can ask a quote for the chosen list of products and services. Then the companies are able to send personal offer to each client and answer to the request.
    • Invoicing – When the order is submitted and approved, the platform generates an electronic invoice and sends it to the client.
    • Stock level – Clients can be informed about products in stock. If some products are out of stock, companies can indicate the date when they will be available again, and this helps businesses to avoid back ordering and delays in shipment.
    • Process returns – The platform manages all returned products and updates products on stock.
    • Wide Range of Analytical Reports and Forecast – The e-commerce platform collects all the everyday information and this information is analyzed and a forecast is generated. Based on this forecast, the businesses can predict the trends and they can be ready to satisfy the market demands.

B2C features

Cisium provides custom tailored features for B2C e-commerce needs. It enables the following:

    • Personalization – Sophisticated range of features that personalize the experience of the visitors:
      • real-time product recommendations,
      • bestseller lists
      • tailored experience through customer’s buying history
    • Advanced search – Intelligent search results by a series of different filters such as: products, prices, the most popular and many other product/service attributes.
    • Content Management System – User friendly CMS to handle the wealth of information the company wants to make accessible to customers.
    • Product/Service Publish – Integration with a third-party warehouse to sync stock levels immediately. Easy way to publish single product/service on the web site.
    • Responsive design – Access from any device (phone, tablet, PC) enable customers to check order status, place orders and perform other activities.
    • Simple online buying process – With just a few clicks, clients can complete an order. After the order is done, the client receives electronic invoice that is automatically generated and send by the system.
    • Account Profile of the Customers – Customers can view previous orders, including order status and line items, edit, view and analyze back order items. They can share their favorite wish list with their friends on social networks also.
    • Social connections – Web integration with social media help companies follow customers and prospect preferences, critiques, and suggestions.
    • Promotions – Cisium enables to target specific customers with personalized promotions and special offers such as discounts, gift cards, vouchers and coupons.
    • Reward points system – Turning new customers into repeat customers with customer loyalty program. Customers will keep coming back to purchase from you, and perhaps turn into brand loyalists.
    • Price and feature comparisons – Fast and easy comparison of products/services based on diverse criteria.
    • Cross sell and Up sell features – Product/service suggestions to the customers based on their shopping experience.
    • Secure Payment and Payment methods – Safe payment gateway that process transactions from all over the world. Different payment methods can be set for local and international customers.
    • Shipping Features – Diverse shipping options based on the shipping address can be displayed to the client.
    • Newsletter subscriptions – Versatile and inexpensive way to reach your audience and deliver a targeted message. All registered customers for newsletter receive it on regular basis.
    • Product reviews and ratings – A great way of building up trust among visitors’ online. A visitor can fill in the form for review, and if the content is not offensive or discriminatory, the admin of the system approves it.