Cisium is an e-commerce solution fully customizable for the needs of the clients. It provides possibilities for easy online presentation and Internet selling, with built-in functionalities that improve the performance of the business.

Cisium is a software solution that provides the possibility for anyone to have their own online store. The real business implementation of this proprietary software was at first put in place by iVote’s team. The team’s commitment to the project resulted in the first, the largest and the most successful online bookstore in Macedonia – Not only that the software is state-of-the art, but it also comes with the full marketing and technical support on demand.


The main functionalities of the system are:

    • Product setup;
    • Design Customization;
    • Shipping and Taxes;
    • Extensive possibilities for data mining;
    • Comprehensive reporting and integration with Google analytics;
    • Customer support;
    • Admin settings;
    • Safe and Secure way of doing business;
    • Hosting Features;
    • Customer Tools;
    • Social media integration and supporting Internet marketing communications.

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