iVote is the main technology provider of the Kosovo extraordinary parliamentary elections that will take place on Sunday, June 11th.  As a reliable partner of the Central Election Commission, iVote’s Demokra Election Management Platform once again will contribute towards automation of diverse complex processes.

Over 1.8 million ballots from more than 2400 polling stations across the country will be handled using cutting edge technology. Election system operates in accordance with strict procedures which have been approved by the CEC of Kosovo in order to ensure a transparent, accurate and timely results.

“Providing election management solution for such short notice was a real challenge for our team. Due to our long term expertise, we managed to implement changes quickly, efficiently and effectively and to design a complete system that covers all aspects of the electoral processes. “- stated Mr.Tomislav Zografski, General Manager of iVote.

The iVote Demokra allows easy, practical and comprehensive evaluation and presentation of exit polls data, turnout and results for all sorts of elections. It works in accordance with internationally accepted standards in order to provide the citizens of Kosovo with reliable information.