iVote is presenting EPISTUM, the e -Learning Management System (LMS) on the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors, as part of a project financed by OSCE.

EPISTUM is a fully-featured, Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant, web-based LMS. It makes learning process more entertaining for the users by enabling interaction, dynamic and modern learning methods and solutions which facilitate and improve upon traditional educational methods. All the public prosecutors and judges do not have to be in one room, at one place, in one country as done before while educational processes on the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors. They can access the e-learning platform from anywhere at any time.

All the training materials are divided into appropriate sections-modules and they are stored in a single, consolidated learning system. Users have access to a variety of information, video and audio materials and up to date data.

The Product Manager of iVote, Aleksandar Kovachev said that the interactive nature of the system makes the learning process interesting and effective to the users.  The e – courses will make the learning much more effective for the students in the Academy for judges and public prosecutors for sure, due to the innovative advanced solution for distant learning that the LMS offers.

Epistum supports interactive e-courses, discussion forums, content management, site statistics/ management reports, survey and polls, search option, video editing, customized and automated archival of documents.